DMS Last Football Game vs Eastwood Middle School

DMS’s last football game against Eastwood was last night. DMS head Coach, Byron Franklin, said, “Last night’s game was the close of an awesome season. The game showed improvement. I’m thankful for the staff and players. Six wins and one loss is a great season. Our players learned and grew as winners. I’m thankful for the opportunity to coach with the staff and to have coached these young men. GO TIGERS!!!” The Tigers won 35-32!! The DMS  football team has improved.


-Deitrich White, Montgomery Freeman, and Coleman Fuqua


Yearbook Class

In Yearbook/Journalism Class, we take pictures of sports events (pep rallies, football games, and basketball games), school events (red ribbon week, homecoming week, cafeteria awareness week (healthy eating week), classes in progress, teachers who won grants. We also take pictures of projects (clubs, field trips, class projects, and P.E.) Another thing we take pictures of is school events, things like Beta Club events, Fall fest, and May fest. We also do football reports.

We do most of our work on Tiger Insider. Tiger Insider is a way we can show people what we do in and out of school. Even people that don’t go to school here can see what we put on Tiger Insider. Anybody can comment but the comment cannot be seen until it is approved by an administrator.

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DMS vs Sweet Water Football Game

Last night, Demopolis Middle School took a 2nd win against Sweet Water Middle School with a winning score of 20 to 6. “Last night was the close of a great home season. The team played well on both sides of the ball. They made plays when we needed them. Special thanks to our fans and all for coming out and supporting the team this year at home. We have one more game this year to close out the year,” said head coach Byron Franklin. Yesterday at the pep rally, since it was our last, the dance line from the high school came down and the teachers surprised everyone by busting a move by doing the electric slide. The middle school cheerleaders danced to Sweet Caroline and the ESPN theme song. The dance line also danced to Uptown Funk.



– Katie Ward, Jane Wright, Mary Foster, Montgomery Freeman, Coleman Fuqua, Deitrich White, Emilee Paul, and Neela Larkin

Demopolis Middle School vs Greensboro

Last night DMS won against Greensboro Red Raiders. They won 24-14. Here is what head coach, Byron Franklin, had to say about the game: “It was a great win for us in the game. We played hard. We got our second interception of the year by Ryan Bumgarner. Our defense played well for us to win the game.” Here is what defensive coach Jesse Bell had to say about the defense last night: “Last night we played fairly well. We need to work on our secondary defense and tackling. Overall, we played well enough to win. We bent a little, but we didn’t break.”

-Deitrich White and Montgomery Freeman

DMS First Game vs Meridian Wildcats




Demopolis Middle School played Meridian Wildcats!! We played very well and left with a WIN!! We got a quote from the head coach, Bryon Franklin, and it says “It was a  great team effort and great job to our coaches coaching the players. Also, a great job of growing as a team.” Our defensive coach, Jesse Bell, said, “We bent a little but we didn’t break.Our goal was to not allow but 12 points but we gave up 20 points!!” The final score was 28-20!!


-Deitrich White, Montgomery Freeman, and Coleman Fuqua